Aleksandar Bulajic

Aleksandar Bulajic

Co-founder of the online magazine 'Croatian in New York' -- bridging Croatian culture and New York City


There is a house in New York City, it’s called Eric Kayser, and it’s a worth a pilgrimage. My order there is always the same: smoked salmon, creme fraiche, sunny side-up organic egg, capers, and shaved red onion, all that served on sourdough bread. It’s really good, consistently good. But…this


Dominic Karcic, accordionist, and vocalist Rinaldo Toglia will perform next Wednesday, February 17 2016, at 6 PM at La Villini Restaurant ( ). It’s a great opportunity to hear music from the American Song Book, Broadway, and much much more. Reservations recommended. See you at La Villini! 288 Larkfield


          Have you ever used Allianz, a travel insurance company associated with Hotwire? If you buy airline tickets via Hotwire, you know that there is an option to include, and pay, for travel protection with Allianz — particularly for lost luggage. I have purchased it twice.

           There are two restaurants on the island, about 100 meters apart. Plus one ice cream parlor, a grocery store, one bakery that makes only one type of bread, a post office, and billions of stars. You fall in love with the sky there. Add the

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Designer Dean Skira

Croatian designer creates giant light show by illuminating shipyard cranes Designer Dean Skira has turned eight cranes at one of the world’s oldest working shipyards into a giant light show, creating a new tourist attraction in Pula, Croatia (+ slideshow). Architectural lighting designer Dean Skira lit up the cranes at

  Histria Museum George Steiner : La barbarie de l’ignorance Histria Museum Founded in 1982 the museum displays pieces of Greek, Roman and Byzantine archaeology, revealed by the excavations of Histria and its surroundings: amphorae, inscriptions, pottery, glassware, ornaments, Hellenistic bas-reliefs, and others.

Bolfan Vinski Vrh

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Photo of TImes building in NY

“U svibnju 2007. godine, u istom tjednu kada je njezin sin Will diplomirao na New York Univerzitetu, Jill Abramson je kretala na jutarnju gimnastiku u centru New Yorka. Zakoracila je preko ceste cim se upalilo zeleno svjetlo za pjesake kad se na nju srucio kamion koji je sprintao da pobjedi