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There is a house in New York City, it’s called Eric Kayser, and it’s a worth a pilgrimage. My order there is always the same: smoked salmon, creme fraiche, sunny side-up organic egg, capers, and shaved red onion, all that served on sourdough bread. It’s really good, consistently good. But…this


          Have you ever used Allianz, a travel insurance company associated with Hotwire? If you buy airline tickets via Hotwire, you know that there is an option to include, and pay, for travel protection with Allianz — particularly for lost luggage. I have purchased it twice.

           There are two restaurants on the island, about 100 meters apart. Plus one ice cream parlor, a grocery store, one bakery that makes only one type of bread, a post office, and billions of stars. You fall in love with the sky there. Add the


Travel & Culture: Croatia and New York