February 2015

Designer Dean Skira

Croatian designer creates giant light show by illuminating shipyard cranes Designer Dean Skira has turned eight cranes at one of the world’s oldest working shipyards into a giant light show, creating a new tourist attraction in Pula, Croatia (+ slideshow). Architectural lighting designer Dean Skira lit up the cranes at

  Histria Museum George Steiner : La barbarie de l’ignorance Histria Museum Founded in 1982 the museum displays pieces of Greek, Roman and Byzantine archaeology, revealed by the excavations of Histria and its surroundings: amphorae, inscriptions, pottery, glassware, ornaments, Hellenistic bas-reliefs, and others.

Bolfan Vinski Vrh

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“Croatia from above” is the biggest Croatian photo project ever undertaken. Photographer Davor Rostuhar spent seven years taking photos of Croatia’s natural and cultural beauty, using aeroplanes, helicopters and drones. The result of the project is a collection of 200 unique photos that reveal attractions from a new angle, in